Blog Writing Strategies To Help You Create Engaging Content

an infographic where we share blog writing strategies to help you write better, more engaging content that will gain your business more success.

Blogging is brilliant for business, it increases your sites traffic and generates sales. Do you want to have an active blog but feel like you’re not good enough of a writer? You shouldn’t  let this hold you back because there are blog writing strategies to help you. Firstly, you should start by researching. Reading is

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How To Boost Your Twitter Following

an infographic where we help you to boost your Twitter following.

Do you want to build your Twitter following up? If so you will want your account to stand out, especially from competitors. So, how do you go about standing out and attracting loads of followers? There’s techniques to be learned and tools to work with to help you do just that. Twitter Following Did you

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Online Advertising For Small Businesses Guide

This is an infographic where we guide you through online advertising.

Do you want to use social or search online advertising to boost your small business? It can be overwhelming for small businesses to navigate the world of online advertising. Why Small Businesses? Small businesses are turning to online advertising more and more. This is because it is cost-effective and a great way to target your

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Increase Online Sales With These Helpful Statistics

an infographic where we share statistics to help you increase online sales.

Are you receiving traffic? But not gaining the amount of sales you’d like? Perhaps you need to learn stats and facts to help you to increase online sales. Increase Online Sales Are you aware that a whopping 93% of online consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in whether or not they purchase

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How Can Social Media Promote Business Success

an infographic where we share tips and advice to help your social media promote business success.

Can Social media promote business success? The answer is yes! It is a great effective way to market your business, connect and reach out to potential customers. Social Media Have you struggled to reach your social media goals for traffic and engagement? You could be making simple, easy to avoid and fixable mistakes that will

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Business Marketing: The Importance Of Colour Choice

an infographic where we tell you about the importance of colour when business marketing.

Do you want to improve your business marketing skills? One effective and simple way to do this is by understanding the psychology of colour. When you know how different people  respond to different colours, you will be able to take advantage of it to get the best out of people and your business. Business Marketing

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Business Promotion Using Snapchat Marketing

an infographic where we share tips and advice for Snapchat Business Promotion.

Are you looking for ways to succeed at business promotion? Social Media is your best bet to be able to reach out to a large audience. Business Promotion Are you aware that Snapchat boasts 100 million daily users? Or that it’s users view more than 8 billion videos a day? Snapchat has quickly become a

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Simon Macbeth & 121 Web Design – Web Design Award Winners 2016

simon macbeth working in leeds office

Simon Macbeth’s Web Design Award 2016 Simon Macbeth and his web design team have been awarded the Best ‘Low Cost Web Design Agency’ award 2016.  The award comes from Web Design Review, who evaluate and rank the UK’s top web design agencies.  This award comes after previously winning in 2013, 2014 & 2015. Simon Macbeth and

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