Terms – Web Design Service

Our general terms can be found via the below:

Web Design Service

  1. The text on all pages will be of standard font, size and not in bold or underline. The colour will be black
  2. An average of 1 link will be allowed on the main body of each page.
  3. An average of 1 picture will be allowed on each page within the main body of each page. This picture will be the same on all pages.
  4. 1 of the ten pages will be a contact page including, phone, email, postal contact details and a standard contact form (if included within the package). No other page will include a contact form.
  5. 1 page will include a copy of our standard website usage terms and conditions.
  6. 1 page will include a copy of our standard privacy policy.
  7. Any domain name registered by us for use on a website we build remains the property of ours. After the initial 12 month period, we reserve the right to withdraw the use of this domain, sell this domain or charge a fee for continuing use of this domain.
  8. At the bottom of every page we will be credited has website designer (even if our client changes the website. Just as along as any of our work is on the website or in the coding we will be credited as web designer) with our chosen anchor text. There will be up to 3 URL leading back to our website(s) with up to 10 words used in the text of these links. If any of these are removed at any point within the first 6 years the client will pay us an additional £8,500.
  9. We will create an extra page on every website we create which will contain information about us/our service and any additional information we might include. If this is removed within the first 6 years there will be a charge of £8,500.
  10. Google Analytics only added on the condition that the client provides the correct script within the predesign questionnaire.
  11. Content, both written and images, for the clients site must be provided to us within the Pre Design Questionnaire (PDQ) – any changes made to the content after will incur an additional charge of £25 each.
  12. It is the responsibility of the client to provide any and all of their requirements within the Pre Design Questionnaire, including placement of image, sizes of images, colours, links (URLs) etc. Anything that is not provied within the questionnaire will not be used to create the website.
  13. Our client accepts that we will not include anything within a website that we create that could damage the reputation of our company.

Additional Charges

Our clients agree to pay the below additional changes for additional services:

  1. Additional images added to the site will be charged at £15 each
  2. Additional contact style forms will be charged at £125 each
  3. Additional lines of text will be charged at £35 per up to 10 lines
  4. A charge of £35 per time will be charged for providing the client with the same information again.
  5. A charge of £35 per time will be charged each time we have to request information missing from a predesign questionnaire.
  6. All quoted prices are on the strict condition that the website is hosted by us. Websites that we created that are hosted elsewhere will result in an additional fee of £1600.
  7. We charge £55 per invoice emailed to our client
  8. Clients will be charged an additional £79 for our team to provide suitable images for their website if they are not provided on the PDQ.