Top 10 Domain Name Epic Fails

Here we share our top 10 domain name fails… So, you`ve just set up a new business, the new business needs a website and it also needs a domain name.

What`s the first thing you`d do having found a seemingly perfect domain name? That’s right, you`d check it for all the different variations and connotations it could have before purchasing it. (Something these guys should have done!)


itscrap website image

They really didn’t think this one through, did they? I mean, they should be positively promoting their I.T scrap recycling services, not telling the world that it`s crap!


penisisland domain

What`s this? The land of penises, what an interesting holiday resort! I wonder what their local food specialities are… I bet sausages, bananas and cucumbers are popular, to name but a few! Ah wait, it`s custom made pens they are advertising, of course…




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