Finally! The Answers To Some Of Life’s Most Thought About Questions

I’m guessing that we have all come across the items mentioned in this blog at one point in our lives; from pen lids to Barbies to toilet roll, there is a fascinating (or unusual) fact about them all. So if you’re looking for a way to pass time at your boring, mundane job then look no further – our blogs are the ultimate tool when it comes to procrastination! Some of these answers to the most thought about questions are so bloody obvious – i’m kinda annoyed it took so long for me to realise the answer and even then it’s because I did some research online.

Here at the 121 Web Design offices, we can’t believe just how many M&M’s are made every single day – you’ll be surprised too!

1. Why Do Pen Lids Have Holes In Them?

an image of a biro pen with the lid removed so that you can see the hole

Well, there is actually a very important reason behind this – one of life’s most asked questions! The hole in the pen lid actually increases air flow which in turn decreases the chance of choking, pretty neat huh since so many of us are guilty of chewing on pens like this!?

2. What Is The Point Of The Small Pocket Found In Most Jeans?

tiny pocked in jeans

Nope, it isn’t there to store emergency cash… It was actually designed with cowboys in mind. It was common in the 1800’s for cowboys to store their pocket watch in this mini pocket.

3. What Is Barbie’s Real Name?

an old fashioned barbie doll

Barbie‘s birthday is March 9th, 1959 and her official name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. You’re welcome.

4. What Is That Dab Of Toothpaste Called That You Squeeze Onto Your Toothbrush?

a toothbrush with toothpaste squeezed onto it questions

That dab of toothpaste is called a nurdle. Seriously, someone actually set out to find a name to describe that dab of toothpaste you can see in the image above. I have a question for whoever did that – why??!!

5. What Are Those Plastic Liners In The Lid Of Fizzy Pop Bottles Actually There For?

a fizzy pop bottle with the lid taken off to reveal a plastic liner inside it questions

Legend once said that the plastic liner was there to be used whilst competitions were running, you know the ones where if you find the lucky golden lid or whatever then you win a life time supply of pop. Well no, that legend is WRONG. It is actually there to preserve the fizz in the pop, it creates a tight seal to ensure the liquid and carbonation is kept in the bottle – if it wasn’t there then your beverage would end up going flat very quickly.

6. Ever Wondered What The Purpose Is For Hole In The Middle Of A Spaghetti Spoon?

spaghetti spoon questions

It is actually thought that the hole in the middle of a spaghetti spoon holds the perfect amount of spaghetti for one person. Bet your glad I answer that question – next time you cook pasta you won’t end up with enough to feed an entire village!

7. One Of Life`s Most Important Questions – How Many M&M’s Are Produced Each Day?

how many m&ms are produced each day questions

Wait for it… Over 400 MILLION M&M’s are produced every single day in the U.S.A!

8. How Long Is A Fully Stretched Out Slinky?

image of a slinky

A fully stretched out slinky measures 87 feet from end to end!

9. Bananas, Grapes And Oranges. What Type Of Fruit Do They Fall Under?

bananas grapes and oranges are actually classed as berries one of lifes unanswered questions

This one will blow your mind. Bananas, grapes and oranges are actually officially classified as BERRIES! This is one of those questions you could ask your friends and they will get the answer wrong.

10. Who Invented Cotton Candy?!

a little girl holding candy floss in each hand

Was it a mad scientist, a chef or even a chemist?! No, it was in fact a dentist! A bloody dentist invented candy floss, which used to be known as fairy floss, now i’m not sure if this was an extremely clever way of dentists getting business or just an absolute fail of an idea from one completely idiotic dentist.

Thank You For Wasting Your Time Reading My Blog…

I hope you have enjoyed passing some time reading my pointless, waste of time blog. Just think – if you hadn’t read it, then these questions would still be floating around your head with you wondering what on earth the answer is! Anyhow, nothing wrong with adding some pointless trivia to your brain. Why not check out my blog on crazy ideas that actually worked out pretty well – it won’t disappoint!



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