121 Web Design Leeds Involvement With Cash4Kids Charity Auction 2018

If you’re local to Leeds you’re sure to have heard of RadioAire. After all, they are West Yorkshire’s go-to radio station for classic chart tunes and the occasional throwback anthem.

They’re not only known for hosting catchy jingles though. Did you know they also hold events to raise money for great causes, such as the annual Cash4Kids charity auction?

A Bit About Cash4Kids Charity Auction

2018’s Cash4Kids auction launched 27th April and ran for 12 days. More than enough time to have a good look at what goodies have been put on offer, and the best part – get bidding – on the donations made by kind businesses. The auction has something for everyone,  all at affordable starting bids too! Including buy-it-now prizes for you impatient folk who don’t like to lose out on prizes to other bidders (we’re looking at you Ebay warriors).

This years auction focused on helping sick, disabled and disadvantaged children so it really is a fun way to raise money for a brilliant cause.

Every year we have no doubt that we will take part in this event, as we are always honoured to have the opportunity to help out those who rely on the kind-hearts of others. This year was no exception.

Our Involvement In The Cause

This year we were pleased to donate a £2,500 web design package. The package on offer could be used to it’s full potential for an ecommerce or a 10 page website. However, if the winner wanted to get even fancier, they could even put towards the cost and upgrade for more pages on their site.

We won’t disclose who the winner is, however if you’re interested in seeing our upcoming work we invite you to keep an eye on our ever-growing and impressive (if we do say so ourselves) portfolio.

an image of a child dressed up and posing as a superhero

A child enjoying superhero day by being dressed up in his favourite costume.

Being able to help out small businesses is at the heart of what we do. We recently donated a website to the ‘Escape From Dubai’ campaign, with the aim to free the princess of Dubai.

What We Won

The nosy team at 121 are always sure to have a good browse through the different items available. We especially keep the look out for day trips and experiences for our fun team outings, since we do need to escape the office now and again.

We were determined to get our eager hands on the helicopter pleasure ride this year, but lost out to a lucky fellow thanks to Alicia from the accounts department not acting fast enough. Anyway, it’s probably for the best, otherwise the team would have had a hard time deciding who actually got a ride.

Our efforts in the bidding wars didn’t go to waste though, a RadioAire advertisement package was kindly donated, which to our delight we won! To claim our prize we had our meeting with the lovely advertising team, fuelled by tea and lots of biscuits. We discussed loads of awesome ideas and finally agreed on one we are extremely happy with. We are currently working on our feature so you’ll have to stay tuned to hear what we’ve pulled out of our hats…

Will You Join In Next Year?

For the 2019 event we ask you to take part in the auction in any way you can. It’s amazing if you can make a generous donation, no matter how big or small – or you can simply share among your colleges, family and friends. As quoted by Tesco ‘every little helps’.