How Content Is Read Online & How To Adapt Your Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is continuously evolving. Have you been making the mistake of sticking with the same methods and not adapting with updates? Good job you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you keep up with the most recent changes to get your content marketing strategy ready for the upcoming months.

First, let’s focus on shaping your website and marketing strategy to the wants and needs of your visitors. Do you want to better understand their habits to provide them with a better user experience? Of course you do.

There is no denying the increased focus on content marketing as part of a digital strategy over the last few years. 2018 has been the year that more brands have realised the potential of branded content.  Even better, they’ve noticed how this can lead to a successful marketing strategy.

As content becomes a greater priority, there are also growing challenges on how to stand out with your content as a brand. The best way to solve this problem is to keep up with the trends in order to adapt your content marketing strategy when needed.

Adapt Your Content Marketing Strategy

Here is a quick rundown of what you will be learning, to improve the effectiveness of your content creating efforts.

  • The average attention span of your viewers
  • What information that gets the most attention
  • Visitors behaviour and online habits
  • How people actually read content

In the infographic below we share the stats & facts you need to know to give your marketing methods a big boost.

infographic showing statistics for a successful content marketing strategy

This informative infographic will give your content marketing strategy a well needed update.