Mojo Furniture

Who They are

MojoFurniture are a UK small business start-up that owns a warehouse and wanted to begin selling trendy furniture online via their own shop.

What They Wanted – Ecommerce Web Design

They wanted a simplistic website with no fuss involved and is straight to the point. We used the high street online store River Island as a reference point for discussing the design elements and structure to give them the outcome they desire.

MojoFurniture only have a very small team that has little to no web knowledge and so required a web design company that could provide all services and support to allow there start-up to be successful.

What We Did

We designed a very standard ecommerce site with an easy to navigate layout with the main focus being on their products.
We also provided lots of services from social media marketing to a training session to show them how to log into the back end and add their products themselves as well as update content.


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