Already have a website? Need help making the site more Google friendly? Our Onsite SEO service is what you need.

121 Web Design can help your business to rank higher on search engines with a no nonsense, easy going approach that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. We can offer you 4 different Onsite SEO packages:

3 Keywords:                            5 Keywords:

1 page at £175                                        £400
3 pages at £125                                      £350
5 pages at £ 100                                     £300
8 pages at £75                                        £200

We also won’t leave you with an incredibly light bank balance. As we take pride in the fact we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of cheap SEO. Which is great for those of you who are on a budget! We prove that search engine optimization doesn’t have to be expensive. Even when done the right, honest and professional way.

Unlike a lot of other companies that offer budget search engine optimization, we won’t use spammy techniques. This will be likely to cause your website to be blocked from appearing on search engines. Instead we use clever, simple strategies that will get you found first, above your competitors. This is how we do it:

Onsite SEO

We will start by finding the right keywords for your site. These will be suited to what customers will be likely to search for to be able to find your site. We will focus on finding keywords that are unique to those that your competitors will be using. We will then help you to include these keywords in the content you will be creating to help customers find this content.

We will enhance your most popular web pages to improve your customers user experience. Which will result in gaining you more sales. We do this by making them more search engine friendly. This is done by using page and post titles along with what we call a meta description (The information you see under the link on search engines) that will include your chosen keywords.

We will then incorporate relevant back links into your content. This is for viewers to be able to use to find more of what they’re interested in. This allows customers to operate their way around your site easier and not have to seek out the links themselves.

Feel free to take a look at our portfolio to see what work we have already provided for clients and also learn what their experience was like working with our company by reading the reviews they have left about us.


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