a sign above an aisle in a supermarket saying baby needs and then directly underneath it says beers and wines

Top 10 Awkward And Funny Advertising Fails

In this blog, I list my favourite 10 awkward and funny advertising fails – it could be that it’s placed somewhere that makes it more of joke than a well thought out advert or that it’s just totally inappropriate full stop. Have you ever seen an advert that’s placed somewhere so bizarrely, you wonder READ MORE
masterbait sounds seemingly like something rude oops

Top 10 Domain Name Epic Fails

Here we share our top 10 domain name fails… So, you’ve just set up a new business, the new business needs a website and it also needs a domain name. What`s the first thing you`d do having found a seemingly perfect domain name? That’s right, you’d check it for all the different variations and READ MORE
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121’s Charity Cash4Kids Donation

Who are Radio Aire? Radio Aire were launched in 1981 and are an independent radio station based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. They are owned and operated by Bauer Radio and forms as part of Baurs City 1 network of stations. They have a large audience share and even have sister stations, Radio Aire 2 and READ MORE