How To Take Control Of Your Time Management

Want to increase your productivity? The first and most important step, take control of your time!

As a project manager, our role in the web design process involves being aware of and making the most of our time management. I was training an intern this week and she voiced her concern on how to stay balanced when managing multiple projects. “I usually think I have enough time to get tasks done, but something always comes up and then I’m behind schedule on projects so easily,” she admitted. “My director spoke to me about this, and I’m worried that if it happens again she’ll include it as a negative comment in my next performance appraisal. Any ideas on how I can better manage my time at work?”

I explained to her that the key to having good time management is to understand where your time actually goes. I asked my intern to document what she did every hour of each day at work for a week, so she could visualise it. When we sat down to chat afterwards, she was surprised.

“I can’t believe how much time I spend checking my email every day!” she said, shaking her head. “I also didn’t think I spent much time chatting with co-workers by the coffee machine. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time when I look at it on a daily basis, but when you add up the total time for the week, I’m shocked.”

Sound familiar?

Tips For Impressive Time Management

Below is a poster sharing 20 quick and simple, yet effective tips for bossing your time management…

this is a red infographic that lists time managing tips

Top tips to get control of your time management!

Which tip will you test out first?